About Us

Biergarten Lviv – the first German-style beer garden in Lviv

Biergarten Lviv is a place for people to get together with their friends, enjoy German and local beers and food and enjoy cultural highlights in a post-industrial space.

Ever since arriving in Lviv Peter Althaus had been missing both the cozy atmosphere of German beer gardens, as well as the alternative chique of Berlin outdoor venues. That’s why he had been dreaming of bringing a mix of this atmosphere to Lviv and creating a place that is both cozy and gives space for cultural events. Everyone is welcome in Biergarten Lviv and may add there own flavour to this place and make it a unique meeting place in Lviv. 

Owner of Biergarten Lviv
Peter Althaus

Peter came to Lviv in 2016 and founded the tour company Lviv Buddy, which runs walking tours and day trips in Lviv and Western Ukraine.

He has lived in 4 countries and travelled in all of Europe and many more places. He chose Ukraine as his home and made it his homebase. For the creation of Biergarten Lviv, Peter teamed up with local pub owner and brewer Andriy Ryzhyy. Andriy produces with another partner the amazing Shiffr craft beers that are made locally in Lviv. Read more about this on our page about our beers. They hired a team of bartenders and bar staff that are committed to serving great beers and food the customers of Biergarten Lviv.

Upcoming Events

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The Thursday Meetings are a great time to speak English and make some new friends.